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Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers Shares Trade Secrets


Gold is at an all time high so now is a good time to sell. Know the value of your gold jewelry before you sell. Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers shares trade secrets to help you learn how to sell your scrap gold and used jewelry for the best price. 


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How to get the most for your scrap  gold and old jewelry



ENCINITAS, CA, November 19, 2010 /Jewelry PR News  - Gold prices have been rising to record highs, so now is a good time to clean out your jewelry box. But before you take your gold jewelry, dental fillings or broken chains to a gold dealer's counter, you should know what they are worth. This is something most dealers don't want you to know.





Judy Scheuer, of Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers of Encinitas, answers questions you may have regarding gold values and reveals some trade secrets:


How is the value of used gold jewelry determined?


Karat content is determined by acid tests. Then the gold is weighed and the actual gold content is calculated. That day's New York gold price is used to determine the price that will be paid. Most jewelers use grams for these calculations, but some gold buyers use pennyweights (DWT) instead. There are 20 pennyweights per Troy ounce, rather than 31.1 grams per Troy ounce.

Some dealers will quote you a price per pennyweight without telling you it is being quoted in pennyweights. The price will sound higher and this can be used to deceive you. For example, if one dealer offers you $20 per unit of weight and another offers you $15, which one would you take? If your 14k gold weighed, for example, 1 Troy ounce, the first offer of $20, in pennyweights, would net you $400. The second offer of $15, in grams, would net you $466. So when you get a quote, be sure to ask if the quote is in grams or pennyweights. Compare other offers using the same unit of measurement.

What is meant by "Karat content"?

Pure gold is designated as "24 karat". This means there are 24 parts gold out of a possible 24 parts (100%). Gold jewelry is usually mixed with other metals, called alloys, which lowers the actual gold content and makes the gold harder. When you see a piece marked "18k", that means 18 parts out of a possible 24 parts (18/24ths) are gold, which is 75%. The European designation for this is "750", meaning 750 parts out of 1000 parts are gold. Therefore, 25% of the metal in the piece is some other alloy, such as silver, nickel, or copper. Markings, however can be counterfeit.

How can I tell if my jewelry is real gold?

1.  Inspect high-friction areas for discoloration. If the item is plated, that is where the plating will begin to rub off and show the underlying metal.

2.  Hold a magnet up to the item. Gold is not magnetic, so if it sticks to or pulls toward the magnet, it is fake. If it does not react to the magnet, it could still be fake, but made from a non-magnetic material. Note that the clasps of most gold chains will be attracted to the magnet because there are metal springs in the clasps.


3.Perform chemical acid tests. These tests are best left to the professional jeweler to do for you.

Do the stones set in jewelry have any value? sell sapphires San Diego

Nowadays, many dealers are only interested in the gold content of your jewelry. They want to buy the item strictly for the gold value and have no interest in it as a piece of jewelry. They may say the stones are of no value, and may offer to pull them out and give them back to you, even if the jewelry is still in good shape! Your item of jewelry may have more value than just the gold if the stones are left in place. Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers, located in the San Diego North County Coastal area, takes care to restore and market any piece of jewelry that is still sellable as a piece. Their client base of collectors is extensive and they are eager to buy jewelry of all types.

How is the value of diamonds in jewelry determined?


A buyer will carefully evaluate the characteristics of the diamond. Proportions, color, clarity and carat weight all affect the value. Larger diamonds of good quality can command a considerable premium. Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers has a staff with over 40 years combined experience in the industry. They have the training and experience to evaluate all the factors and determine the best price possible based on the current market.

Is an appraisal needed in order to sell my jewelry?

No. An appraisal is usually done to provide an insurance replacement value and is therefore on the high side of retail value. This will not help you determine resale value in the second hand market. If you do want an appraisal for the purpose of selling your jewelry, it should be done by an appraiser who is not also buying used jewelry to avoid any conflict of interest. Be sure to tell the appraiser what the purpose of the appraisal is.

What are some things to know when selling gold and other jewelry?


 Judy shares a few tips to help you:

 * You can negotiate a higher price for a large vs. a small   quantity of gold.


* If the person at the counter makes you uncomfortable or you get a "bad vibe", pay attention. You are probably right.


* Don't be pressured to "cough up a price" yourself. The professional knows what he can pay for your items and should be able to give you a quote if he is paying a fair market price.


* If the buyer wants to pull the stones out of perfectly sellable jewelry, find someone else who will buy your items as fine jewelry, not scrap.



Judy shared the following about her business:


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"We at Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers take care to treat our clients and their fine valuables with the respect they deserve. We are knowledgeable and play it straight with a fair offer right up front. There is no pressure. Our office is private, where we take the time to thoroughly evaluate each item in order to offer the highest possible price. We provide a pleasant and comfortable experience which has earned us a reputation for honest dealing."




Following are some testimonials from very satisfied customers:

"Incredible experience. Very professional, very accurate and well educated in her craft. But above all that ~ a person who seems to genuinely care. I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity, I would, without a doubt recommend Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers to any of my friends. Judy is a very pleasant and professional person! John A VERY satisfied customer " -JD

"It was such a pleasure to do business with Judy at Belle Roche! I sold her a piece of jewelry and it was such a pleasant experience! Her office is beautiful and it is a very private transaction ... After doing all my research and going to two other buyers, Judy gave me top dollar! Thank you, Judy!" -AM


"My mother recently passed away and I had to make the decision to have many of her things appraised. I spoke with Judy over the phone, she said the following.."Just come in and we will go over everything together". I cannot think of any other person or business that has the amount of personal accountability and compassion than Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers. In times like was so amazing to be able to sit down in a wonderful, friendly, professional, and most of all caring place to collect my thoughts. Thank you again for creating an experience that will never fade!!"- KB

Well we are convinced! With these tips under your belt you can have the confidence to get the most for your scrap gold or old jewelry. And if you choose to do business with Belle Roche Estate Jewelry Buyers, rest assured your transaction will be done in privacy, with the highest possible price paid! Visit them on line at for more information.



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